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Whoever finds a donkey finds a faithful friend!

On request we sell, throughout Europe, adult donkeys or weaned foals, of various breeds, raised on our farm. They are robust, naturally grown and have a strong but sweet character.

Donkeys are versatile animals and can be used for various purposes: as pets, for carrying out light shooting jobs, for trekking, for breeding for productive purposes, for cleaning meadows, undergrowth, hard-to-reach places, to protect sheep and goats from attacks by dogs, wolves, for assisted therapies (onotherapy), educational farms, etc.

For safety, children should always be accompanied by an adult inside the donkey enclosures. There is a tendency to treat donkeys as if they were little horses, but donkeys are physically and emotionally different.

There are differences in behavior according to gender. By their nature, stallions are unpredictable, especially if there is a female in heat nearby; they are generally not suitable to be handled or ridden by children. Geldings (castrated stallions) are allowed to play in a violent way.

An average donkey weighs 160 kg, can carry even more than 50 kg on its back and can pull up to twice its weight. Lives about 25-30 years, some can go up to 40. They love being in company. If 2 donkeys are a problem, you could accompany him with another animal. Maintaining a donkey requires minimal financial resources to meet its needs (shelter, nourishment, protection, care).

If you are interested in purchasing, contact us at Alternatively use the Live Chat (bottom right)

The transfer of ownership of the donkey, the sending of the necessary documentation  can also be done remotely via email/WhatsApp/Chat. Read below the procedure and the necessary documents to send.




  • make sure you have a suitable place for detention
  • contact the official veterinary service of your province via email/telephone to ask for the stable code (if necessary)


The transfer of ownership of the donkey is a procedure at the expense of the seller.
It must send the data required by TRACES (information platform for reporting the sale of intra-EU animals) to its official veterinary service. The main data required are:

  1. Recipient (buyer)
  2. Place of destination (and family or business breeding code if required in your state)
  3. Company carrying out the transport(must be authorized to transport animals) and Vehicle number plate

In the Traces , the donkey is identified by its passport and microchip number

The new owner after the purchase, have to go with the Traces Document to his breeders’ association, which will register the new ownership on the donkey’s passport and  in the national equid database.


Please note

OWNER: the person who declares under responsibility and who appears in the records to be the owner

HOLDER: the person who in his own company (Stable Code)
keeps the animals of him or of third parties


Each donkey has a Passport (unique identification document for life) that must accompany the animal on every move. Initially, the passport will contain the number of microchips implanted on the animal, the signaling (sex, breed, coat, characteristic signs), the date of birth and the owner’s data. Subsequently, information regarding vaccinations, health treatments, transfers of ownership, etc


In Italy, donkeys are registered in the Equine Registry of the BDN (national database) of the Ministry of Health which is entrusted to the CSN (National Animal Registry Services Center) which created and manages the portal of the Veterinary Information System (https: // In their own European country, after the purchase, they will be registered in their  national Equid database

For information about the donkey (age, breed, etc.) you can consult the page “Equids”; here you can insert the donkey’s microchip (transponder number)  and get its public information


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