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Biomilkey – Donkey milk powder 100 g for resellers

Donkey milk powder  100 g – Organic 

Packaging for resellers, shops, organic shops, pharmacies, etc.

Lait d’ânesse en poudre, Leche de burra en polvo, Leite de burra em pó – Eselsmilch in Pulverform

Net weight: 100 g . Equivalent to 1 liters of reconstituted donkey milk

  • Instant
  • Delicate taste

Ingredients: 100% donkey milk powder (pasteurized and freeze-dried), bio.

No added sugar, no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavors, no GMOs

Standard preparation: 100ml reconstituted donkey milk consists of 10g BIOMILKEY ( 3 cup ) and 94 ml drinking water

The pack contains 1 bag of vacuum-packed donkey milk, the measuring cup and the package leaflet.

Method of conservation: Keep in a cold and dry place. Consume within 2 weeks of opening the vacuum bag.

Minimum duration of the vacuum-packed product from the day of shipment: 20 months.




BIOMILKEY is made from 100% Italian organic donkey milk, produced exclusively by Montebaducco farm, where the donkeys are raised using organic farming

Method of conservation:

Keep in a cold and dry place. Consume within 2 weeks of opening the vacuum bag.
The product in the original bag, vacuum sealed, should preferably be consumed by: see back of the package. Minimum duration 20 months

How to use:

Since milk powder with current production systems cannot be sterile, although produced from pasteurized milk and in excellent hygienic-sanitary conditions and considering also that  during home preparation there may be risks of contamination the World Health Organization (WHO), scientific societies and health agencies, have been producing for several years recommendations on the reconstitution of powdered milk or its formulas, to minimize the risk of bacteria development unwanted, some of which if accidentally present can pose a risk to health especially in sensitive subjects such as infants, debilitated subjects, etc. So in order to ensure a high food safety it is advisable to follow their directives, i.e .:

1. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparing the milk powder;
2. wash carefully before each use measuring cup, cup, spoon, various containers, etc;
3. use hot drinking water at a temperature of at least 80 ° C. This is in fact the effective temperature for eliminate any germs present in milk powder, cup, teaspoon, etc. Therefore, for the reasons stated above it is not generally it is advisable to use water at temperatures below, for example, 30 -60 ° C even if in situations ordinary is common practice and does not involve health risks; in addition, remember not to use the water hot tap which, passing through the boiler, becomes contaminated with metal residues such as lead;
4. use the milk prepared in this way, or consume it within 2 hours if kept in the refrigerator;
5. do not reuse leftovers.


LEGAL REFERENCES: BIOMILKEY, Donkey milk powder, is in legal terms a food ingredient fit for human consumption or for production of food for human consumption meeting standards laid down by the EU and/or FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius, as applicable, and product in the factory registered at FDA (for USA
export). It is labelled according to relevant EU/USA legislation. The product is produced at factory units authorized in Europe by and under supervision of national authorities (italian) for production of food of animal origin (milk based). The factory units and the production respects an established HACCP plans for
the production based on Produced according European regolament on the hygiene of foodstuffs. The product is produced from pasteurized donkey milk from healthy donkeys. Packaging materials comply with demands laid down for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food (in dry powder
form). For more information write to:


Produced and packaged by: Azienda Agrituristica Montebaducco via Boiardo, 26 – 42020.
Quattro Castella (RE). Italy.  Tel + 39 0522886375 . Email:  or .

Azienda agricola Montebaducco