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Shipping Methods /spedizioni


Italia, San Marino, Vaticano:

  • Tempi di transito: 2-3 gg lavorativi (nord e centro) e 2-5 gg lavorativi sud e isole
  • Costi di spedizione in base al valore della spesa

–  6,5 € + iva fino a 29,99 euro di spesa

– 5,5 € + iva da 30 euro di spesa

– Gratis da 63 €

Il costo dell’IVA della spedizione dipende dalla natura degli articoli nel carrello (varia quindi dal 4 al 22%)

I costi di spedizione esatti per il tuo ordine sono visibili nel Riepilogo dell’ordine.

1. Europe Political

Shipping: Flexible costs (rules based on Cart Total)

Table Rate Shipping :

–  12 € + vat from 0 – 59,99 euro

– 11 € + vat  from 60 euro

– 5 € + vat  from 580 euro

The cost of VAT for shipping depends on the nature of the items in the cart (therefore it varies from 4 to 22%)

The exact shipping costs for your order are visible in the Order Summary

2. Non-political Europe area

Times of transit: 2 – 4 working days

Shipping: fixed cost (Dhl express)

  • Switzerland: 35  euro
  • United Kingdom: 22  euro

2. World

Times: 3- 6 working days

Shipping: fixed cost (Dhl express)

  • USA, Turkey:  35  euro
  • Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore: 54  euro

For order and a quote of shipping cost of other regions contact us:


3. Rest of the world (Canada, Russian Federation, South America, Asia …)

  • Due to some customs restrictions write email
  • Times: to be verified
  • Flexible Shipping cost


  • Customs offices in some countries or regions require the importer of record to provide a particular form of identification before releasing a shipment. You may be required to provide an identification number such as a Unique Identification Number, CPF, or Tax ID.
  • Countries / regions that require an identification number include: Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Israel, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan.

For order and a quote of shipping cost contact us:

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